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New Member Program

The whirlwind of going through Recruitment, being extended a bid and then joining Kappa for life can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Kappa gives our new sisters a warm welcome by extending friendship and mutual support through our new member program.

The new member period is a time to learn about the Fraternity and educate women on the expectations and requirements of being a Kappa. Each new member is given a Big Sister to guide her through this new stage of her life. New members also attend a retreat to foster and develop the new friendships and connections within the chapter.

The nerves and excitement going through recruitment all leading up to receiving a bid can become worrisome, but opening your bid day card to the Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter creates an experience you will truly never forget. Kappa welcomes our new sisters with an exciting and unforgettable Bid Day celebration, allowing our newest members to feel welcomed through newly bonded friendships and support. Following the Bid Day celebration, the new member period begins. 

Going through sorority recruitment is something many new members look forward to the moment they start applying to college. Kappa Kappa Gamma recognizes the excitement, anticipation, and stress that goes along with joining a new sorority. Through our new member experience, we welcome our members into the chapter with enthusiasm that quickly enables them to feel connected and close to both our chapter and to one another, while teaching how to respectfully carry the Kappa name. 

    The new member period introduces the Fraternity, as our chapter strives to educate our new members on the expectations and requirements of being a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. The University of Arizona’s Gamma Zeta chapter focuses on making sure the first weeks of each new member’s college career are spent on building a foundation which prepares them for academic and social success. Emphasizing the importance of a strong sisterhood, academic responsibility, and social integrity of the chapter. 

Bi-weekly meetings led by myself, are held Sunday evenings. Each meeting introducing different chapter officers and concepts to be acknowledged and understood by each new member, teaching the new member class the importance of their roles and responsibilities in Kappa. During this time, memorable sisterhood events are planned for our new members to enjoy together and help create close friendships within their pledge class. Sisterhood events may include brunches, mountain-side sunsets, pool parties, and even trips to a local workout/ defense/ or art class. Creating memories with their new sisters to bond and generate a close-knit group to forever cherish. Along with the new members individual events, events with the entire chapter will be held allowing further opportunities to get to know the members in grades above. 

Each new member during their new member experience, is given a Big Sister to help guide them though this new stage of life. As the New Member Chairman, I help each member of the new pledge class find a “Big Sister” in the pledge class above them. A Big sis is someone who becomes their friend and role model in Kappa. The process of matching Big and Little takes place over a five-week period where each new member is paired with an active member who can potentially be her future Big Sis. The pair, over a week’s period, spends time getting to know one-another to see if their a match! The process ends with a celebration called “Big Little Week!” Each day a basket is prepared and filled with customized surprises for each of the “littles” by her anonymous Big Sis. Since the pair have not been revealed to one another yet, “Big Little Week” becomes a favorite memory filled with excitement and anticipation. Each day, new members sift through their baskets looking for any clues as to who their Big Sis might be. At the end of the week, everyone attends an unforgettable party called “Big Little Reveal”, where each pair is finally united, and each new member gains a big sister for life. The Big/Little bond is one that stays strong throughout the college experience and for years to come.

Through the Big/Little process, sisterhood events, Sunday meetings and incredible friendships that the girls make through their new member period, our members are taught that Kappa is a place to belong. They get to see how cherished our chapter and our sisters are and discover how we value each other’s individuality and celebrate our personal attributes. Together we embrace creating a positive environment to grow a secure sisterhood. Our New Member experience is an important first step for our new members to understand the value of being a Kappa sister for life. I cannot wait to welcome PC 22 into our incredible sisterhood.



Rachel Baker

New Member Chairman 2022