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Chapter Officers

Cassandra Tomchak


<p><b>Position Description:</b> As President, I am the executive officer of the chapter and am responsible for all things regarding its operation. I represent our chapter on our school’s campus and in the community. I work closely with our Advisory Board, House Board, national Fraternity council, and our campus and community partners. I also organize and run all meetings of our chapter and our Chapter Council officers. </p> <p><b>Age:</b> 21 </p> <p><b>Class:</b> Senior </p> <p><b>Pledge Class:</b> 2016 </p> <p><b>Major of Interest:</b> Public Health with a Minor in Biology </p> <p><b>Hobbies:</b> I love hiking, spending time outdoors and traveling, hanging out with my friends, family and 5 dogs, and watching football with my dad :) </p> <p><b>Favorite Kappa Memory:</b> My favorite memory is attending Kappa Kappa Gamma National Convention over the past summer in Denver, Colorado! Seeing hundreds of different Kappa chapters from all over the nation come together was the absolute coolest experience. I became great friends with my roommate from a different chapter and we both went on to become president of our chapters - so cool!! </p>

Kasey Adrian

Recruitment Chairman

<p><b>Position Description:</b> As the Recruitment Chair of Gamma Zeta, I am in charge of planning the formal fall recruitment for Kappa Kappa Gamma. I work with the entire chapter to educate them on methods for a fun filled successful recruitment. It is my job to secure that active members of our chapter recruit women that possess and are able to uphold the values of our chapter as well as out sisterhood. </p> <p><b>Age:</b> 21 </p> <p><b>Class:</b> Senior</p> <p><b>Pledge Class:</b> 2016 </p> <p><b>Major of Interest:</b> Journalism with Public Relations minor </p> <p><b>Hobbies:</b> I’m very outdoorsy so hiking, snowboarding, boating and way more! </p> <p><b>Favorite Kappa Memory:</b>There are so many!! I think my favorite kappa memory are the trips that my pledge class and I have gone on in the past. I have traveled the world with my best friends in Kappa. It has made us closer than ever while also seeing the world together. </p>

Carly Baniszewski

Membership Chairman

<p><b>Position Description:</b> As the Membership Chairman of Gamma Zeta, my responsibilities include recruiting the future women of our Fraternity. It is my job to ensure active members of Kappa Kappa Gamma recruit women that uphold the values of our sisterhood and reflect the spirit of the University of Arizona. As Membership Chairman I ensure the legacy of our chapter will be embodied in the future women of Kappa Kappa Gamma. </p> <p><b>Age:</b> 21</p> <p><b>Class:</b> Senior </p> <p><b>Pledge Class:</b> 2016 </p> <p><b>Major of Interest:</b> Finance </p> <p><b>Hobbies:</b> Traveling, watching the Bachelor, eating good food, being at the beach or lake </p> <p><b>Favorite Kappa Memory:</b> During my time in Kappa I have made so many memories that I will cherish forever, it is so hard to pick one. But, if I had to pick… Bid Day 2016 (shout out PC16) is one of my favorite memories. On that day I met so many incredible women that have become my closest friends. I have made so many friendships with girls from every PC and am so thankful to have been in Kappa these past 3 years. Bring on PC19!! </p>

Juliana Ross

Vice President of Organization

<p><b>Positions Description:</b> As Kappa Kappa Gamma's Vice President of Organization it is my duty to create and manage all event dates, as well as create a calendar for the academic year. As VPO it is also my responsibility to send out weekly surveys about the chapter and ask for input from any and all members of the Gamma Zeta chapter; as well as relay these ideas or concerns to the rest of Chapter Council. I have created new responsibilities for my position this year as well including a weekly calendar presentation of the current weeks' events and created an easy survey to send out after every chapter meeting. I plan on creating more incentives for giving feedback to the Chapter Council and rewarding the girls who utilize these surveys, which help us grow as a chapter. As Vice President of Organization, I promote open conversations as well as a platform where voices can be heard.  </p> <p><b>Age:</b> 20</p> <p><b>Class: </b>Junior</p> <p><b>Pledge Class:</b> 2017 <p><b>Major of Interest:</b> Political Science Major, Anthropology Minor </p> <p><b>Hobbies:</b> Spending time with friends and family, traveling, music, and art</p> <p><b>Favorite Kappa Memory:</b> My three favorite Kappa memories are living in the main house my sophomore year with 92 other girls who were to soon be my best friends, Bid Day when I was an incoming freshman, and being elected to the VPO position.  </p>

Lindsey Helsten

Panhellenic Delegate

<p><b>Position Description:</b> As Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Panhellenic Delegate I act as a liaison between Kappa and Panhellenic by keeping both parties fully informed. On Panhellenic we work as a team and make executive decisions that pertain to every chapter rather than Kappa alone. As delegate I have to work to make sure that Kappa is represented positively in the Panhellenic community and make sure our voice gets heard. I also maintain and strengthen Kappa’s relations with every chapter on Panhellenic, supporting and upholding every chapter in any way possible. I coordinate sisterhood and other registered events with our sister sororities which is a fun way for the women in the Panhellenic community to get to know one another and make an impact outside of their chapter. In addition, I plan and host chapter swaps in which every Panhellenic chapter participates. These events often incorporate service and philanthropy, which also strengthens the bonds within the chapters of Panhellenic and the community. While working with and supporting every chapter I promote Panhellenic love, which helps all Greek Women Work together as a team on our campus </p> <p><b>Age:</b> 20 </p> <p><b>Class: </b> Junior </p> <p><b>Pledge Class:</b> 2017 </p> <p><b>Major of Interest:</b> Public Health </p> <p><b>Hobbies:</b> Spending time with my friends and family, dancing, working out, and Netflix </p> <p><b>Favorite Kappa Memory:</b> I’ve had so many amazing memories in Kappa so far, but my favorite memory would have to be living in Kappa. There’s never a dull moment living in a house with about 93 girls whether it’s studying or staying up late watching movies together. Kappa and living in Kappa have given me so many great memories I’ll cherish forever.  </p>

Vanessa McWilliams

Vice President of Academic Excellence

<p><b>Position Description:</b> As VP of Academics, it is my responsibility to encourage and support the ladies of Gamma Zeta in every aspect of academics, here at the University of Arizona. Each week, I reward members who are working exceptionally hard, inform the chapter of various scholarship opportunities, and provide the tools necessary for members to succeed. </p> <p><b>Age:</b> 20 </p> <p><b>Class:</b> Junior</p> <p><b>Pledge Class:</b> 2017 </p> <p><b>Major of Interest:</b> Pharmaceutical Sciences </p> <p><b>Hobbies:</b> traveling, shopping, working out, baking, finding new restaurants, and spending time with my friends </p> <p><b>Favorite Kappa Memory:</b> Of all the memories Kappa has given me, I would say living in the Kappa house has been the best by far. Being able to come home to over 90 smiling faces everyday has been the highlight of my Kappa experience thus far. I have become amazing friends with so many more girls since living in and have made countless memories with them. As for my sophomore year, big/little week was by far the best week of the year! The moment my little ran out the door and into my arms, I knew I had a best friend for life. All of the opportunities and memories Kappa has given me has shaped me into the person I am today, and I can’t wait for what’s to come! </p>

Kaleigh Catt


<p><b>Position description:</b> As Marshal, my responsibilities include leading the chapter during chapter alongside of the president and recording secretary as well as holding ritual reviews for the incoming pledge class to prepare them for initiation. Initiation is also my responsibility. </p> <p><b>Age:</b> 20 </p> <p><b>Class:</b> Junior </p> <p><b>Pledge Class:</b> 2017 </p> <p><b>Major of Interest:</b> physiology </p> <p><b>Hobbies:</b> : Hanging out with my friends and family, gym, Netflix, sleep, and traveling! </p> <p><b>Favorite Kappa Memory:</b>making a huge mega bed with my roomies in kappa the last week of school to have a big sleepover! It’s so fun to live with my best friends in kappa but the mega bed made us feel so much closer and we had so much fun! It was such a great time to de-stress during finals prep!! </p>

Giuliana Castranova

Philanthropy Chairman

<p><b>Position Description:</b> Philanthropy Chairman is an extremely rewarding and exciting position because I get to plan and execute events as well as participate in community outreach by finding volunteer opportunities to help each Gamma Zeta member reach their required 8 hours of community service each semester. In the spring, Gamma Zeta is known for our "Hoops for Hope" philanthropy event which is a 3v3 basketball tournament and all the money we raise is donated to a different organization each year that directly impacts a sister. For the fall semester, we always host a food philanthropy event where we raise money that will be donated to Reading Is Fundamental, which is Kappa Kappa Gamma's national philanthropy. Lastly, as Philanthropy Chairman, it is my job to encourage involvement in philanthropy events campus wide as well as excite women to participate in service opportunities that benefit the University of Arizona and the overall Tucson community. </p> <p><b>Age:</b> 20 </p> <p><b>Class:</b> Junior </p> <p><b>Pledge Class:</b> 2017 </p> <p><b>Major of Interest:</b> Marketing and Entrepreneurship</p> <p><b>Hobbies:</b> Working out, spending time with friends and family, eating out, Netflix, reading, and planning/organizing </p> <p><b>Favorite Kappa Memory:</b> Sitting in the McKale center and opening my bid card next to Kaleigh Catt who I became best friends with in my RC group. We both got Kappa but did not expect it because we didn't tell each other how we were voting in the last couple days of recruitment. It was the best feeling ever. Afterwards, we ran outside to the busses and had such an incredible bid day with 96 of our new sisters. Now I live in the Kappa house with Kaleigh and my two other roomies, Vanessa and Ashley, who have just as quickly become best friends of mine too. Kappa has given me friendships and experiences I never thought were possible and I could not be luckier and happier to be apart of such an amazing organization.  </p>

Natalie Orzol

Event Chairman

<p><b>Position Description:</b> My duties as Event Chairman consist of planning events such as date dashes, formals, Mom’s/Dad’s Weekend and Family Weekend. In order to effectively plan these events, I work closely with the Risk Management Chairman. One of my favorite parts about this position is constantly getting the chapter excited for upcoming events. </p> <p><b>Age:</b> 20 </p> <p><b> Class:</b> Junior </p> <p><b>Pledge Class: </b> 2017 </p> <p><b>Major of Interest: </b> Business Marketing </p> <p><b>Hobbies:</b>Fashion, traveling, spending time with family and friends </p> <p><b>Favorite Kappa Memory:</b> I have made countless memories being a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Many of these memories took place while getting the opportunity to live in the house. Living under the same roof as all my best friends is something I will never forget. I was able to meet girls that I get to call my friends for life, and that is truly something special. I can’t wait to take on the future with these girls by my side! </p>

Sydney DeFrancis

New Member Educator

<p><b>Position Description:</b> As New Member Educator my mission is to ensure that our new members are equipped with the knowledge and guidance to be the best Kappas that they can be, while also preparing them for success in everyday college life. In doing so I will become their leader and go-to resource for anything that they may need during their New Member period. I will also plan exciting events such as Bid Day, Big Little Reveal and Pledge Presents to help welcome them into our Chapter. </p> <p><b>Age:</b> 20 </p> <p><b>Class:</b> Junior </p> <p><b>Pledge Class:</b> 2017 </p> <p><b>Major of Interest: </b> physiology </p> <p><b>Hobbies: </b> Sspending time with friends and family </p> <p><b>Favorite Kappa Memory: </b> Living in the house with 95 of my kappa sisters and been one of the most memorable experiences yet. The friendships I have made through Kappa are going to last a life time and I am so excited to help Pledge Class 2019 make the same memories that I get to make every day. </p>

Olivia Elwer

House Chairman

<p><b>Position Description:</b> As the House Chairman I am responsible for managing the day to day operations around the Gamma Zeta house. I also serve as the liaison between the chapter and the house board and house director.  </p> <p><b>Age:</b> 20 </p> <p><b>Class: </b> Junior </p> <p><b>Pledge Class:</b> 2017 </p> <p><b>Major of Interest:</b> Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences </p> <p><b>Hobbies:</b> Cooking, running, yoga, Netflix, spending time with friends and family  </p> <p><b>Favorite Kappa Memory:</b> From bid day to date dashes and everything in between, Kappa has truly been my favorite part of college and it’s so hard for me to pick just one favorite memory. Some of my very favorite times though, have been living in the Kappa house with 93 of my closest friends this past year. I had so much fun watching the Bachelor, studying together, spending time on the balcony, and just constantly laughing and hanging out with my best friends.  </p>

Ally Fuqua

Education Chairman

<p><b>Position Description:</b> As Education Chairman, it is my responsibility to ensure that our chapel is educated on matters that pertain to Kappa and our history, as well as to success in their daily lives. I do this by implementing every member education programs. I also am in charge of the senior member experience, which commemorates their time that they spent in Kappa and educates them about their upcoming alumni status. In the spring, I plan a Founder’s Day celebration to celebrate the founding of Kappa. I also work closely with alumni as the celebration of Gamma Zeta’s 100 years approaches next January. </p> <p><b>Age:</b> 20 </p> <p><b>Class: </b> Junior </p> <p><b>Pledge Class:</b> 2017 </p> <p><b>Major of Interest:</b> Nursing, </p> <p><b>Hobbies:</b> Hanging out with friends and family </p> <p><b>Favorite Kappa Memory:</b> Big/Little reveal and getting my little! It's such a fun day where everyone dresses up and finds their families! </p>

Sophie Soell


<p><b>Position Description:</b> As the Treasurer, I manage all of the members’ billing as well as the chapter’s spending. At the beginning of each semester a budget is made based on the projected income of the chapter specific to that semester and member numbers. That budget is designated to all of the different positions on chapter council. I work with each position to manage their spending and plan what the money goes towards. In addition, I work with each member to make sure bills are paid on time and with ease. My goal as chapter treasurer is to help educate our members on balancing budgeting and spending! </p> <p><b>Age:</b> 20 </p> <p><b>Class: </b> Junior </p> <p><b>Pledge Class:</b> 2017 </p> <p><b>Major of Interest:</b> Nursing </p> <p><b>Hobbies:</b> dance, traveling, listening to music and going to concerts, cooking, spending time with friends and family </p> <p><b>Favorite Kappa Memory:</b>my favorite kappa memory was living in the house my sophomore year! Living in allowed me to get so much closer with so many girls. There was never a dull moment and I always had someone to hangout with! I made countless memories and can’t wait to live in again my junior year  </p>

Kaitlin Slepian

Recording Secretary

<p><b>Position Description:</b> As Recording Secretary, I am responsible for recording chapter minutes, coordinating revisions of chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules, and monitoring attendance within chapter events.  </p> <p><b>Age:</b> 19 </p> <p><b>Class: </b> Junior</p> <p><b>Pledge Class:</b> 2017 </p> <p><b>Major of Interest:</b> Family Studies and Human Development </p> <p><b>Hobbies:</b> Hanging out with friends and family, playing the ukulele, spin, and traveling! </p> <p><b>Favorite Kappa Memory:</b> One of my favorite Kappa memories was Bid Day 2018. I remember how memorable Bid Day was for myself as a new member, and I felt it was an honor to be present for PC 18 in making those same memories. To be surrounded by so many girls who had no idea what an incredible journey they were about to embark on made Bid Day so special to me. The energy and excitement that day was infectious and I have never felt so close to all of my sisters.  It was one of the many days that I was so proud to be a Kappa! </p>