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Chapter Officers

Katie West


Position Description: As president, I oversee all of the chapter council and the chapter as a whole. I work closely with advisers and alumni to uphold tradition and sisterhood of Kappa Kappa Gamma. I strive to have our members be engaged, passionate, loyal, and true sisters to the fraternity, and encourage them to want to be involved as much as they possibly can. I hope to create a positive environment that gets members of the Gamma Zeta fraternity inspired to make a change. Age: 21 Pledge Class: 19 Major: Journalism Hobbies: Listening to music, hanging out with friends, working out, going on road trips, snowboarding Favorite Kappa Memory: Planning a “Kappaly Ever After” bid day for NMC 21!

Carlie Herrmann

Vice President of Standards

Position Description: As the Vice President-Standards, my committee and I are responsible for the maintenance of Fraternity standards and policies. This includes educating the chapter about the role of the Standards Committee as well as addressing violations of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Bylaws, Standing Rules and Policies for the best interest of each member and the chapter. I also focus on promoting unity and sisterhood through fun traditions and events. Age: 20 Pledge Class: 2020 Major: Nursing Hobbies: Snowboarding, working out, hanging out with my Kappa sisters Favorite Kappa Memory: Big/Little, chapter council meetings, and living in!!

Emily Orzol

Vice President of Organization

Position Description: As Kappa Kappa Gamma's Vice President of Organization it is my duty to create and manage all event dates, as well as create a calendar for the academic year. As VPO it is also my responsibility to send out monthly calendars as well as including a weekly overview of the current weeks' events. At the end of the year, I send out a survey about the chapter and ask for input from any and all members of the Gamma Zeta chapter; as well as relay these ideas or concerns to the rest of Chapter Council. Age: 20 Pledge Class: 2020 Major: Business Marketing Hobbies: Traveling, Fashion, Fitness, Spending time with family and friends Favorite Kappa Memory: My favorite Kappa memory is living in the house with all of my sisters. I have created life long friendships and memories living under a roof with over 80 girls. Each and every person in the house always puts me in a great mood and brightens my day!

Ashlyn Hegar

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Position Description: As the Vice President of Academic Excellence, I ensure that the women of Kappa Kappa Gamma are knowledgeable about academic resources, scholarship opportunities, and are provided assistance in achieving their academic goals. I am responsible for catering study opportunities and incentives that encourage our members to excel in their classes, as well as recognizing those who go beyond the chapter’s academic expectations. It is also my duty to assist new members in transitioning into college academics by creating opportunities for them to meet with me and my committee, learn useful study methods, and find other members in their classes or major to support them. Age: 19 Pledge Class: 2020 Major: Care, Health, and Society on the Pre Dental track with a Business Administration Minor Hobbies: Traveling, hanging out with friends, wake surfing, spending time outside Favorite Kappa Memory: My favorite memory of being in Kappa is big little week/reveal! In the fall I got to meet so many new members, including my littles, who are now two of my favorite people ever. It was so fun making them baskets and getting even closer with the girls around the house during the week because we were all so excited to surprise our littles. I would relive it every year if I could!

Ellie Scranton

Risk Management Chairman

Position Description: Managing risks means minimizing and eliminating any situation that jeopardizes property or a person's health, safety or emotional well-being. The Risk Management Chairman is responsible for educating and assisting members with following all Risk Management Procedures and policies. The Risk Management Chairman works with other officers in event planning to ensure that an event runs safely for all members of the chapter and follows all of the fraternity's procedures and policies. Age: 20 Pledge Class: 2020 Major: Nursing Hobbies: Watching movies, working out, hiking reading, spending time with friends and family Favorite Kappa Memory: My favorite Kappa memory is initiating my little! It was such an amazing experience to learn about the history of Kappa and all of her secrets while sharing it with my little and the rest of the chapter.

Allie Kreda

Recording Secretary

Position Description: As Recording Secretary, I am responsible for tracking attendance at all chapter events. I also record chapter meeting minutes, coordinate revisions to the chapter bylaws and standing rules, and update member status and information. Age: 20 Pledge Class: 2020 Major: Accounting Hobbies: Hiking, working out, cooking, and spending time with family and friends Favorite Kappa Memory: My favorite Kappa memory is when the girl I talked to during preference went Kappa and became my little!

Lauren Scofield


Position Description: As treasurer, I work with an advisor to create budgets for the chapters collected money for the year. I am responsible for billing members as well as sharing scholarships with them. I work with all chapter officers in order to make sure they are aware of their budgets and help them with their financial questions. Age: 19 Pledge Class: 2020 Major: Marketing Hobbies: Running, Traveling, Hanging with my friends Favorite Kappa Memory: Living in with my three best friends

Annie Langmade


Position Description: As the Marshal, I preserve the ritual practices for all chapter meetings and events. I seek to inspire active members in the historical significance of Kappa Kappa Gamma and educate them on all of the experiences that make Kappa what it is today. I also organize all Initiation events in coordination with active members, alumni, and parents. Age: 20 Pledge Class: 2020 Major: Finance, Minors - Pre-law, Studio Art Hobbies: Painting, fashion, traveling, ceramics, shopping Favorite Kappa Memory: My favorite Kappa memory is my first night of living in the house with all of my best friends!

Kamryn Buckwalter

House Chairman

Position Description: As the House Chairman, I am responsible for managing the day to day operations around the Gamma Zeta house. I also serve as the liaison between the chapter, the house board, and house director. I enforce and assist in creating facility rules, construct the live-in list, propose improvements for the house, and manage anything house related. Age: 20 Pledge Class: 2020 Major: Physiology and Medical Sciences, Minor in Business Administration Hobbies: Dancing, traveling, painting, hanging out with friends and family, eating soft pretzels with cheese Favorite Kappa Memory: From bid day, to date dashes and everything in between, Kappa has truly been my favorite part of college. It’s so hard for me to pinpoint just one favorite memory, but if I had to pick, living in the house has been my most dear Kappa memory! From tanning on the porch, watching Euphoria together, late night talks in the upstairs bathroom, to pulling all-nighters studying, I have never felt so much constant love and support from so many people.

Bella Palmer

Philanthropy Chairman

Position Description: Philanthropy Chairman is an extremely rewarding and exciting position because I get to plan and execute events as well as participate in community outreach by finding volunteer opportunities to help each Gamma Zeta member reach their required hours of community service each month. In the spring, Gamma Zeta is known for our "Hoops for Hope" philanthropy event which is a 3v3 basketball tournament and all the money we raise is donated to a different organization each year that directly impacts a sister. For the fall semester, we always host a food philanthropy event where we raise money that is donated to Kappa Kappa Gamma's national philanthropy, which supports mental health and well being. In the Fall of 2021, we raised money to Support the JED Foundation, which is a nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide in our nation’s teens and young adults. Lastly, as Philanthropy Chairman, it is my job to encourage involvement in philanthropy events campus wide as well as excite women to participate in service opportunities that benefit the University of Arizona and the overall Tucson community. Age: 20 Pledge Class: 2020 Major: Business Management and Entrepreneurship Hobbies: Spending time with friends, traveling, teaching yoga and pilates classes, trying new foods, and listening to music. Favorite Kappa Memory: My favorite Kappa memory is work week 2021. It was the first time my whole pledge class had been together in person because of COVID, and the week preparing for recruitment allowed all of us to get a lot closer in a short time span.

Shaye Bergstrom

Public Relations Chair

Position Description: The Public Relations Chairman promotes good relations with the chapter’s publics, projects the chapter’s positive reputation by evaluating chapter activities, and educates the chapter about the importance of positive public relations. I am in charge of running all chapter social media accounts as well as designing and producing merchandise for the chapter. I hold our members to a high standard to represent themselves well as members and individuals. The various roles include: supervise the public relations program, act as the steward of the chapter’s positive reputation, serve as a role model for the rest of the chapter, and represent what the chapter and the Fraternity stand for to others on campus and in the community. Age: 20 Pledge Class: 2020 Major: Business Marketing, Minor in Retailing and Consumer Sciences Favorite Kappa Memory: My favorite Kappa memory so far has 100% been living in the house! I made my best friends living in and wouldn't change it for the world. Some of my best memories from sophomore year were from just sitting in my room with friends laughing for hours together. There is no other experience like getting to live in the same house with 80+ girls and I would recommend it to anyone!

Janelle Kuczeck

Recruitment Chairman

Position Description: As Recruitment Chair of Gamma Zeta, I am in charge of planning Primary Fall Recruitment for Kappa Kappa Gamma. I work closely with all of chapter council to educate our active members on methods for a successful, FUN recruitment! It is my job to secure new members that uphold the values and sisterhood of our chapter. Age: 21 Pledge Class: 2019 Major: Double Major - Marketing & Management Information Systems Hobbies: Traveling, Fitness, Staying busy & Spending time with friends & family Favorite Kappa Memory: How do I choose?! One of my favorite Kappa memories was living in during my sophomore year (2020-2021). Knowing that every time I would come home I would be greeted by 90 of my sisters was an experience I wish I could relive everyday. Spending time in the Kappa house is still one of my favorite things to do!

Rachel Baker

New Member Chairman

Position Description: Following the recruitment and bidding of the new member class, the new member chairman helps introduce the Kappa experiences and expectations to the new pledge class. Instructing the values and sisterhood the active members of Kappa Kappa Gamma hold. The new member chairman creates an open, loving, and supportive connection with the new members as she introduces each member to one another, and to pledge classes above those. Building the new member experience through bonding actives, events, and introducing mentors through the Big sister experience. The new member chairman reassures the values, and sisterly bonds throughout Kappa Kappa Gamma's new member experience program. Age: 20 Pledge Class: 2020 Major: Family Studies and Human Development, with a Thematic minor in Health. I am hoping to work as an Occupational Therapist in the pediatric field. Hobbies: Working out! I am a cycle instructor! Favorite Kappa Memory: Finding a little who fits so perfectly into my one of a kind Kappa family! I love how much our personalities are the same, she is one of my best friends <3

Ella Nelson

Education Chairman

Position Description: As Education Chairman, I work to provide and educate members on matters that pertain to Kappa and its core values. These efforts work to provide resources and implement educational training programs for the chapter, which helps members be successful throughout their day to day lives. It is my job to plan the Senior Member Experience, and ensure to celebrate their years as a Kappa, as well as educating Seniors on upcoming alumni status. As fall approaches, I work closely with alumni to plan the annual Founders Day Brunch, which commemorates Kappa Kappa Gamma and its founding. Age: 20 Pledge Class: 2020 Major: Arts, Media, and Entertainment Studies Hobbies: Cooking, art, spending time with friends and family, traveling Favorite Kappa Memory: Living this past year without a doubt! Having the opportunity to live in this current year has been one of the most amazing experiences. I have made the best memories and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Tyson Chapman

Memership Chairman

Position Description: As Membership Chairman, my main role is to facilitate the process of recruiting new members of our chapter. Ensuring that our active members are involved in the process of formal recruitment is a large part of my job. The values of Kappa Kappa Gamma are upheld through our values based recruitment process and I am honoured to play a role in that. Age: 21 Pledge Class: 2019 Major: Psychology Hobbies: Yoga, Reading, Hiking, and spending time with friends & family! Favorite Kappa Memory: My favorite Kappa memory is HANDS DOWN my freshman year bid day. I met my best friend on this day and we sat together on the ride to and from the bid day celebration. Every active member of Kappa that I met made me feel so loved and valued. I could really feel how mutual the excitement was between the new pledge class and the rest of the chapter. A day I will definitely never forget!

Claire Lozelle

Social Chairman

Position Description: My duties as Event Chairman consist of planning events such as date dashes, formals, Mom’s/Dad’s Weekend and Family Weekend. In order to effectively plan these events, I work closely with the Risk Management Chairman. One of my favorite parts about this position is constantly getting the chapter excited for upcoming events. Age: 20 Pledge Class 2020 Major of Interest: Urban Development Hobbies: Favorite Kappa Memory: